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Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to tell you that Vol. 4, No. 2 of  Essays in Philosophy is
now published.  The topic of this issue is "Medical Research Ethics" and
Professor Dennis Cooley is the Issue Editor.  In case you don't have the
journal's web address, here it is:


I hope you will have a chance to read this issue.  The papers make good
contributions to the topic and the reviews are helpful.  

Here is the Table of Contents for Vol. 4, No. 2:

Introduction by Dennis Cooley

"How the Belmont Report Fails", by Richard B. Miller
"Do Unknown Risks Preclude Informed Consent?", by David Rudge

Responsible conduct of Research, by Adil E. Shamoo and David B. Resnik
(reviewed by Dennis Cooley)
The Beautiful Shape of the Good, by  Mihaela C. Fistioc (reviewed by
Lenore Wright) 
Forgiveness and Revenge, by Trudy Govier (reviewed by William Stephens) 
Philosophy of Sex, Alan Soble, editor (reviewed by Randy Cagle) 
Rethinking Evil: Contemporary Perspectives, María Pía Lara, editor
(reviewed by Julie Aaron) 
The Heart of What Matters: A Role for Literature in Moral Philosophy, by
Anthony Cunningham (reviewed by Douglas Chismar) 
Reading Plato, by Thomas Szlezák. (reviewed by Anne-Marie Bowery) 
Essays on Music, by Theodor Adorno (reviewed by Steven Schroeder) 
The Problem of Perception, by A.D. Smith (reviewed by Lowell Kleiman) 
Skeptical Philosophy for Everyone, by Richard Popkin and Avrum Stroll
(reviewed by Ron Barnette) 
Paradoxes: Their Roots, Range, and Resolution, by Nicholas Rescher
(reviewed by Karim Dharamsi) 
Knowledge, Possibility and Consciousness, by John Perry (reviewed by
Charles E.M. Dunlop) 
A Philosophical Companion to First-Order Logic, R.I.G. Hughes, editor
(reviewed by Robert Barnard and Allan Hillman) 
Autobiography, by Bertrand Russell (reviewed by Steven Schroeder) 
Forgiveness and Revenge, by Trudy Govier (reviewed by David Chan) 
Merely Mortal: Can You Survive Your Own Death? by Antony Flew (reviewed
by Kevin J. Browne) 


Michael Goodman, General Editor
Essays in Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
Humboldt. State University
Arcata, CA 95521

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